New work

I took a break from painting to focus on new ideas and new work.  I hit a stalemate and needed to rethink things so here is a sneak peak on a new pencil drawings I am working on.  I love to do portraits but I figured why to stick to doing them in such a traditional matter, why not combine elements of other things I love.  So I’m loving this drawing.




Drawing Hair

I am always behind on my posts, here is the current drawing I finished.  I am currently growing out my hair so I thought it would be fun to exaggerate it and draw it bigger.  Drawing curly hair is fun, I feel like I don’t see curly hair in drawings.  I also feel like I am improving on my faces and getting down the facial expressions like the smirk on my face.  It is very subtle but tough to do at times.



Sleeping Husband

sleeping peacefully

Always practicing on portraits, at least I try.  My husband hates when I do drawings of him sleeping but it’s such a good opportunity to practice.  I really like drawing his hair, it’s so messy and tousled.   I just do a few simple lines, some shading and bam I’ve drawn his hair.  I admit I got lazy with the rest of the drawing but I like the space and simplicity of the drawing.  Love this!

Dinosaur Dream


Hello I was on hiatus so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I had a busy December so I wasn’t able to paint let alone post.  For the new year I want to churn out more art, I was too stuck on making perfect art so I don’t want that to hold me back anymore.  So I’m starting my first post with a drawing of a crazy dream I had on the first day of the year.

I was on a baseball field and there was going to be a show so all the people were walking towards the field to sit down. There is a dinosaur on a chain on the field but then it gets loose (didn’t see that) but the dinosaur is attacking and people start running. People run everywhere but my family run towards the gate to get out, near the gate I start crawling because I couldn’t walk anymore. When we all meet at the car we were like oh no where is Marlene (my sister), but we drive away and decide to hide in a driveway near by. Someone gets out of the car and says wait here I will look for Marlene, we stayed in the car all worried….So then 10 years pass by and we never found Marlene and we were supposed attend a memorial of the people who died at the field.

The dinosaur was on a chain and I think some people were holding the chain but in the dream I didn’t get to see how the dinosaur got loose.

dinosaur dream

Flowers and brushes

Flower and brushes

This is a still life I painted right next to my easel.   I have had these flowers for two years, my husband gave them to me but I forgot what they were for.  I just hung onto them for some reason, I was attached to the flowers.  I did another painting with just the flowers but I like this painting more.  I decided to go a lot looser than usual and I am in love with the final product.  Even though I struggled with those pesky leaves in the middle, I am glad with my work.  My favorite part of this painting is the paint splotches on the pallet at the bottom left corner.

Dancing Days Are Over

I used to dance, I used to dance to the wee hours of the night.

That all ended at at age 28 when I retired my dancing shoes, my Ralph Lauren 5 inch heels.  They ended up pretty beaten up and scuffed, as much I loved those shoes I could walk in them anymore and therefore the shoes have passed as well as my dancing days at the clubs.  Though I might take up salsa dancing, great workout.

I will admit I am not sure what I intended with the beach setting but I feel it is quite lovely and maybe representational of a time washing away…? Not sure, anyway painting sand is a struggle but I really tried to get the feel of sand, it was quite the challenge.

Dancing Days Are Over

Skull mariachi guy

Did I tell you I am bad with titles, yup that’s what I am calling this painting.  I painted this small shrunken head figure head that has a cool mariachi hat, I didn’t know what to do for the background so on a whim I painted some chips.  I love this painting, so whimsical it makes me laugh.  It was a bit tough since the skull was mostly a solid pink so I decided to give the skull some eyeballs, looks a lot cooler now.  This was just a fun painting I wanted to do. My paintings are for sale, this one is 10″ x 8″, really small.


Oil Painter