Dead Flowers


Mis flores estan terminadas.  Estoy muy orgullosa.  Queria poner mas detallas en las flores blancas pero mi esposo decia que se merian mejor sin tanto claridad.  No era mi intencion de pintar el fondo en dos colores pero salio bien.  Tuve mucha divertad en pintando estas flores, lla las tenias desde un año cuando mis esposo me las dio para mi cumpleaños.  Había simplificado el florero porque tenia un tiempo deficil pintandolo pero entonces me mas falta mas practica en pintado vidrio.

My flowers are done, I am real proud of them.  I wanted to do a lot more detail but my husband said that the flowers looked better loose and so I agreed with him.  I definitely wanted to add more detail to the white flowers, there was a lot more brown in the middle of them.  I had wanted to distinguish the individual flowers but decided to leave them as is.  I had a hard time painting the glass vase so I need more practice with that.  I really focused on painting more individual strokes versus blending.  I think I got the desired effect I wanted.  It doesn’t feel like there is solid color blocks like I was used to doing but instead more varying strokes of colors.




Mercado in Mexico


Current painting I am working on, this is a market scene from my trip to Mexico, from the town my grandparents live in.  Every time I visit it is different.  I’d love to take a plein air easel to paint in Mexico when I visit.

I really love the starting look of a oil painting, looking at the abstract shapes and subtle colors changes.  Part of me wants to leave the painting as it is but the other part of me really likes painting in details.  So I am going with the latter half but I am still deciding how much detail I want in my paintings.  It is a lot of fun painting outdoor scenes.

Can anyone guess what this vendor is selling?

Mi Abuelito

Title: My Grandpa

I am really proud of this painting I did of my grandpa.  I used an old photo as reference.  I had trouble with the eyes but generally it came out great.  The only thing I have a problem with is the skin tones.  I was trying to make natural skin tones, I don’t mind some unnatural colors but generally I wanted peach tone skin colors.  It was tough due to the greenish color of the photo.  I am thinking of making a second portrait with different colors.  That way I can keep one and give the other to my grandparents, I really love this painting.


A Trippy Dream



I had this dream last July, it was so vivid. I finally got around to rendering it.

It just started in the middle, at some kind of school, I decided to leave. I think my brother’s were at the school, I think it was high school but some warped structure.

So to get out I had to walk down some stairs and there were lockers on the walls but when i got to the bottom of the lockers they were going sideways and upward but there was only one small opening that I crawled out of.

Once I was out I started running, I knew I was running away from my husband but I also knew my brother would be looking for me so I thought I better run along all the small streets and not major streets that people can look for me. I was thinking (while i was running) I’ll just keep running and ill lose all the weight.

So I kept running and ended up in some dirty city, looked like a marketplace and I went down a alleyway and I found a car abandoned there so I went inside to lie down to rest. It was nice and clean, I locked the doors but then I heard some police running down the alley. I tried to hide myself in the back seat but it was too late and they saw me and they pointed their guns at the car, they were wearing full on police gear with helmets and bullet proof vests, so I was like damn, then I stood in the car from the back sunroof?

I had some powder that i blew at them and floated, then poof it turned into some trippy landscape, green hills and misty, kinda like looking at that avatar movie. I’m not sure but it seemed I had transformed into some creature which looked like Mila Jovivich, she had red hair and pale skin, glitter on her face and was riding along some creature but then she had some tail that had a head that was purring and she seemed to be the queen of this land.


This is my reference I used for the creature, in the dream it wasn’t necessarily a dinasour.  Thinking back I can’t remember what it was, I just know that it was large.  Large enough to lay on it and it’s back seemed like a lark smooth rock.


Here is a terrible sketch of the staircases filled with lockers, it was just a regular staircase but the walls were lined with lockers from top top bottom that were a dark blue.  The only way out was a small hole at the bottom of the lockers.

I have some crazy detailed dreams.  I just have to remember to write them down.

Lasik Eye funnies

Here is some comic I drew for fun.  I wear glasses.

I hate those Lasik Eye commercials, make it seem like you are a bumbling fool with glasses and blind if you lose them, oh yeah just get Lasik Eye and spend thousands of dollars!


“Do you hate waking up in the morning and falling off your bed because you can’t see?” “Do you hate bumping into people and having your glasses fall off and then cant see and fall into a sewer full of crocodiles, then Lasik Eye Surgery is for you!”

P.S. I like my glasses!

Nueva obra de arte

Title: just means ‘A new work of art’.

I am working on a new portrait, I got the reference at my grandma’s house when I went to Mexico to visit.  She had a lot of lovely old photos of my family and this great photo of my grandpa when he was young.  My grandma said it rained a lot one season and some of the photos got water in them.  So I thought it would be great to recreate it through a oil painting.  I forgot to get a good picture of them together so I could do a portrait of them so I hope I get to visit soon again.  I love going to their home in Mexico, such fond memories.

Anyway I’m looking forward to working on family portraits, I am just starting to build up a collection of portraits.  I’m a little nervous on working on them because I’m worried about them looking realistic and I have my whole family judging them.

Well I got a good start on it already, I tend to skip ahead and work on color blocking so this time I took my time and I got the facial layout done.  It really messes me up later in the painting if I don’t get the building blocks done right.




A Sale

Howdy, I have been busy so I haven’t been able to post last month.  I was busy making products to sale at my first art and jewelry sale for the First Fridays event in Long Beach,  CA.  It was a small artist event for artist’s to sale their art with a good amount of foot traffic.  I paint really big paintings so I decided to try to sell jewelry, its easier and faster to make than oil paintings which aren’t always affordable.

It’s fun to get out of your comfort zone and work in something completely different at times.  I actually started making jewelry when I was a kid, my mom would buy me beads and string and I taught myself to make simple beaded bracelets.  That love of making jewelry never went away but just hit the back burner when I discovered my love of oil painting.  It’s weird how to separate tasks can influence each other.  What I like about making jewelry is that it is very standard in how you make it but what goes into it really does not have any rules.  In a way it is a lot of freer with making jewelry but it has it limits too, obviously it has to be functional or else you can’t wear it.

Well anyway I just wanted to share my pictures from my little sale, I am still conflicted whether I want to continue making jewelry or just completely focus on oil paintings and make jewelry for fun when I have time.  I do like both but oil painting is my main love.


Painting my sister

My sister has long been one of my muses (don’t let her read this : P) This is a painting I started back in March and got left in the dust but finally I have been able to catch up and work on it.  Sorry for the flood of light in the last picture but been having trouble taking a good picture.  I was trying to make the painting with more strokes but I tend to want to blend things, I am still struggling with my style.  It looks a lot flatter in the picture but I used more strokes.  It has also been a struggle to vary my greens, it can be tough because you tend to think green is just green.  The greens need to be dark, light, warm, cool or else the greens just blend in together.  I’ll get a better picture when I am done with the painting.  Loving this painting!  I am also working on more green paintings, more to come..




The Dark Emporium In Long Beach

I attended the Long Beach art walk on Saturday Dec 9, 2017.  Although the art walk used to be better when the sales booths were part of the art walk but that is another story.  I like to attend the local art galleries to see what art and artists are up and coming.  I enjoy viewing the local art for inspiration.  A gallery that is pretty new to Long Beach in California is called the Dark Emporium.


The gallery breaks away from traditional art work and borders more on the macabre and even showcases and sells skeletons.  They tend to show art work of a dark nature as well as art work of inspired by horror movies.  Although the art tends to be quite dark, some pieces are with done traditional oil painting techniques.

One such piece done with beautiful strokes and a perplexing image is done by Christopher Ulrich titled “Dreams”.  It tells quite an interesting story that reminds me of biblical images, maybe the child is a guardian angel protecting mother nature.



They have a lovely setup with black painted walls.DSCN8593

This piece above is a bit terrifying, not sure if it is a self portrait but its very interesting that the model is holding her own head as if perhaps her body goes on regardless of a head attached.  This piece is by Clint Carney titled “Chephalophore”.


This is a lovely mixed media piece by Janell Chandler, the woodwork is worn down and has a somber feeling.  The mask behind the glass seems to look on in mourning.


This was a really cool Krampus puppet.


Some really cool movie art.


I wouldn’t want to come across this bug, I’d run the other way.


This gallery brings quite the crowd in Long Beach, it has interesting pieces.  I hope to create something to show in this gallery.  It’s definitely always on my list to stop during the art walk.


Dibujo de mi Tio Pepe

I got this drawing done of my Uncle Pepe,  I took a photo of him for reference while in Texas for my trip.  Now I wish I had gotten more photos of people, oh well, next time.  But I finished this drawing last Sunday, I struggled with it a bit.  I feel I am skipping on focusing on the structure and just moving onto contrast.  Also it doesn’t help working from a phone picture but overall I think it’s a good drawing.  I see my improvement and starting to notice things quicker when I am working on heads.  I’m proud of myself, I feel more confident of my skills.


I really captured his eyes well, I feel like he is staring at me.





Oil Painter