My Art Studio


My studio is a bit messy, I picked the little corner of my small studio apartment to place my painting easel.  It’s my little corner of heaven.  Where the paint flows and new paintings surface and paintings are completed.  It is a little cramped but I had to make do with what I have.  It’s my little corner.  I think eventually I’ll need a storage unit to store my paintings, I wish I could put them all up.  Even better I hope I get a whole room to put my paintings and my easel.  I don’t remember the brand of my easel but I am looking to upgrade in the future to a bigger easel and one with double bars for heavier canvases.

I am a messy painter so I had to learn to be careful so not to get paint everywhere.  I got the awesome paint storage cabinet along with my easel about when I started at Cal State Fullerton in 2010.  I am still thinking about painting the cabinet so it will look neater but not sure if I want a image on it or just a solid color or maybe multiple colors.




Here is a close up of my brushes I have bought and collected over the years.  I have quite the range of big brushes to small detail brushes. I love both, I love to paint with wide strokes and small details.  Oh and it’s best to use cans and cups you find around your home for your brushes as brush holders.  Brushes are expensive enough, no need to buy fancy brush holders that will get dirty with paint anyway.


I love my studio! Do you have an art studio, writing room or your own little creative area?




Throwback Thursday to my college days at Cal State Fullerton, to the beginning Drawing and Painting classes. The first assignments usually consisted of making collages, I really enjoyed making them because there was less pressure on making “good” art.  It always got me out of my artist block by making collages, it was fun just cutting and pasting.  But I did hate the mess it created with all the magazine cutting.

I have been feeling a little stuck with my oil paintings but I have been doing more drawings.  Tomorrow I’ll start a new painting! I just have to see what comes out and not worry about the end product while working on my oil paintings.

Progress with Portraits

I am trying to work on more portraits, I get so back logged. I want to improve my time management in order to produce more art.  I currently finished my flower painting and also working on my Tia’s portrait. Specifically I want to do more family portraits, group paintings as well as individuals.  I definitely want to do a painting of my Abuelito and Abuelita (mom’s side), my dad’s parents passed away long ago. I’m not sure if I am doing it to commemorate them but I know I want to paint them.  I am also looking to do an oil painting of my Abuelito’s house in Mexico.  Such fond memories there.  When I started painting, I avoided painting family except my sister but now I feel I want to be closer to my family.  I am still continuing my practice of drawing portraits in order to improve my oil paintings.  Last but not least I want to paint a portrait of me and my husband on our wedding day. So lots of portraits to come. I just need to buckle down and paint.  Do people still say that? “Buckle down.”  Well I do. : )


I couldn’t find my picture of Grandparents house but here is a picture of my grandma, my mom and cousin.


This is my grandparents name plate at their house.


This is my Tia’s portrait I am currently working on.

Flower painting

This is a finished painting of a vase of wilting flowers, I am currently working from photographs.  I take my own references for my paintings (see bottom picture).  I was really happy to work on this piece, I felt really free just letting the paint decide for me.  I just let the paint flow and not think too hard about it.  I had been mostly working on portraits but I had gotten stuck.  I think working on faces worries me too much making the portrait look realistic to the person I am painting/ drawing.  Flowers are fun to paint because they are less about form and more about capturing the colors and shape of the petals. I don’t have to worry so much about capturing a flower’s likeness.  But I learned a good lesson from working on these flowers; remember to keep the paint loose when working on a portrait and not worry about capturing every detail of the face.



This is currently my favorite of mine. 🙂 (Above Picture)


Drawing Practice

I have taken 6 six years of drawing classes starting with community college at Cerritos College and ending at Cal State Fullerton with the advanced life drawing courses.  I had a natural knack for drawing, I was good at copying but I didn’t have an understanding  of the structure of the body.  It all started to come together with my advanced drawing classes.  Now I wish I kept those drawings I produced from those past courses but I was limited in space in my small apartment.

After graduation with my Bachelor’s Degree in Drawing and Painting in 2013, I had stopped making art.  I had picked it up a year later with doing portraits but I found myself stuck.  I had not been able to render faces as I pleased.  I had a vision for producing grand oil paintings but I felt I was lacking in the fundamentals.  I felt like I was trying to draw details without understanding the layout of a face.  This year I started drawing faces again with pencils to work on the facial structure, shading, contrast and understanding proportions.  I have made significant progress, all my previous knowledge that I learned in my drawing courses flooded back as I continued my practice.  I’m really glad because I feel it will improve my paintings and look forward to the many portraits I want to churn out.


This is a self portrait, I struggled with the proportions of the body.


This is a portrait of my husband.


Random vintage photograph from the internet. I feel that practicing drawing random portraits as opposed to myself, my husband and family helps me to be looser because I am not so attached to the image and making it as similar to the person in real life.  I worry less about the striking realism and focus more on proportions.


Welcome to my blog, my name is Roxanna Rendon Agin. I began my art career when I picked up my first crayon…nah! Truth is I don’t really know when it officially began, all I knew was I loved art and I wanted to pursue it in college.  I fell in love with the Renaissance paintings at the Norton Simon Museum during my high school field trip to the museum.  Although I doubt I could reach the Mastery of those paintings, I wish to make my own portraits as well as painting outdoor scenes.  This blog is dedicated to my love of art and experimenting.  My main love is for Oil Painting, I love learning about the traditional forms of art but I’d definitely like to push those boundaries.  These are some of my finished Oil Paintings.

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