Abuelos portrait

Hello! I know I haven’t been around, my blog just fell to the wayside. But feeling my energy come back. Just felt flat for a long while. I had been painting all this time just wasn’t posting so getting back into it.

Here is a little painting I finished recently that I had been working the past two months.

It’s a portrait of a lovely grandpa and grandma. The reference photo was in sepia tones so it was fun working in this monochromatic color scheme. This is for a fellow artist I admire, we agreed to a art trade. Thoroughly enjoyed painting this couple, sad to see the painting go but glad someone will enjoy it.

Here is some of my work in progress

Pencil sketching outside

I’ve been around, I have been painting and drawing just not posting on my blog. Just didn’t find the time, it was a crazy summer and then bam became winter.

Well feeling a lot better and more in the mood to post. No matter what is going, I’m always making some kind of art. So here is a lovely drawing I did recently of a restaurant near my home while out on a walk around town.

It’s been relaxing to do some sketching for fun so look out for more.

Parkers lighthouse

New Art Alert- Surreal Art

I made this pencil drawing based on some feelings I was having and decided to add the mountains for fun.

I was thinking I like to draw people but I never know where these people are and I should start giving my people in drawings a location. So it was kinda fun adding a background and let others make up a story based on my drawing. I don’t want to say what it’s about but I just wanted to get this idea out of my head.

Pencil on paper, 14”x11”

Candles, skull, plants still life

This was a still life I started back in April, (the months are just flying by) left it alone in May and got to it again two weeks ago. I didn’t know what I was doing with this still life and some of the items got moved around since I had started a few months back. So I just had fun painting it and letting loose, my favorite was working on the small little details on the mini colorful skulls. I’m pretty darn happy with this painting. I’m even thinking of making prints. Love the colors!

Small painting 8”x10”

My set up on my kitchen table, finally I can clear this up!

The mini hand painted skulls

Breonna Taylor

An homage to Breanna, I didn’t know her but she had a beautiful smile, she worked at a job she loved as an EMT, left this life too young. I know when I was 26, my life was only beginning.

Her mother, Tamika Palmer, told The Louisville Courier Journal that Taylor was a young woman who adored her family above all else and who had made plans to succeed.

Officers from the Lousiville Metro Police Department’s Criminal Interdiction Division used a battering ram to break down the door and rushed into the house on Springfield Drive at 1 a.m., waking Taylor and her boyfriend, Walker. Walker shot at the officers, wounding one, and the three who entered fired some 22 shots back, according to Eggert, Walker’s defense attorney; Taylor was shot eight times and died.

Eggert told local news station WDBR that Walker was acting in self-defense and said Taylor’s death was the result of “police misconduct.” Source-heavy.com

Her birthday would have been last Friday on June 5.

Take action today at https://justiceforbreonna.org

Interesting times

I got completely thrown off by these current events, nothing else seemed to matter but following the black lives matter protests. As much as I wanted to participate in them I stayed home for safety. But I have been following it directly on the news, been feeling inspired. I was sad and thought we have to participate in this momentum and not despair.

So as always I do what I do best, draw. I also do pen drawings for a more quicker approach. I just kept thinking what a turn of events and what would have happened if that cop had just not gone in to work that day.

“Look what you did.”

Painting in Space or of space

I have been working on some new themes, this painting kind of relates to being alone or being isolated as in these times of isolation. Although it’s something of an idea that began two years ago from a video game I was playing. I just found it interesting how it can relate to being alone and wanting an escape.

I think of this painting more of wanting to get some location not easily reachable and so therefore I have to go through a portal as in making a leap in life because that’s what a portal is. I am a visual thinker, a lot of thoughts I have, I add visual representation for them.

In Space, Oil Paint on Canvas

Oil Painter