My pet bunny Sam


I did this drawing of my little pet that I had for such a short time, Sam was the only one I actually loved taking care of besides a dog my sister had for a short while too. We named her Sam and I learned all I could to do to take care of her. I let her roam around our apartment and she would follow us around after she finally warmed up to us. I caught her napping on our old Nintendo 64 when we were playing video games, it was so cute. My mom didn’t like my bunny, she has never been a big fan of pets but I was going to give her away, then she died for an unknown reason.  Me and my sister were real sad, we took care of her, fed her and mostly I changed her poopy area I kept her in.  It was very strange because she was usually very happy and running around and then she just passed away.  Well I was new to taking care of pets but there was no inclination of any issues with her.  But we remember her well.

I used an old reference photo, I thought doing crosshatching would be the best way to capture her fur and the texture of the rug. I’m loving it, I might frame this. Although the photo makes the pen lines so uniform in tone. 🐰 I’ll never forget my little bunny!


I used technical drawing pens for the drawing, it can be very a slow process doing small lines to do the whole drawing.  There is something soothing about the repetitive line marking.  It’s a technique I picked up from studying old metal plates drawings or historical pen drawings.  I’ll see if I can find some references but mostly I tend to scribble with my pens instead of doing traditional crosshatching.  I like to be loose with my pen work.  I have all pen weights from 0.05 to 0.8, though I tend to stay within 0.05 to 0.1, I love using the thick pens for shadows.  Mostly I was doing landscape drawings with the pens but my bunny portrait was a fun change.


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